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In the past the word bankruptcy is something we never want to experience. Events in life may happen that are out of our control, such as loss of employment, illness, threat of foreclosure or other unfortunate circumstances. You may think bankruptcy is your only choice, but there is no way to be certain. Your first step should be speaking with an experienced lawyer who can understand your individual needs.

A properly filed bankruptcy case can allow you to free yourself from debt and regain control of your finances. Due to the complexity of the process, it is essential that you have the best bankruptcy lawyer possible handle your court case. A small amount of research can ensure that you have the best representation, and the best outcome possible. The firm has extensive experience and is ready to begin helping you through the process today.

Business & Corporate

The negotiation and proper documentation of the terms and conditions of business agreements entered into by and among corporate entities and individuals is critical to the success of any business, regardless of size. The Law Offices of Mark & Graber offers legal advice and assistance to corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, trusts and proprietorships of all sizes and in all stages of development. The firm provides legal assistance for:

> Formation of Corporations
> Limited Liability Companies
> Partnerships
> Drafting all Forms of Business Agreements

Civil & Commercial

The Law Offices of Mark & Graber recognizes that commercial disputes require both general and specific expertise in litigation, negotiation and an understanding of the particular client’s strategic goals. The firm works with their clients to get the answers needed in order to avoid litigation when possible, and to achieve successful outcomes when litigation is unavoidable.

Contact Mark & Graber PLLC today for counsel in the following areas:

> Civil and Commercial Cases
> Contract Disputes and Agreements
> General Litigation

Criminal Defense

The Law Offices of Mark & Graber PLLC will vigorously protect your rights both now and in the future. The firm will stay in close communication with you throughout the process and keep you updated with recent developments, and is available to you with regard to any questions and concerns. The firm will do everything in its power to turn your objectives into a reality. The firm strives to put itself in the client’s shoes and really empathize with the frustrations and obstacles the client is facing and defend the client accordingly.

In any defense case, the first critical step is to evaluate the evidence against you and identify the elements of the case that are open to challenge. The firm will review all pertinent case law to determine the best options to defend against the charges the client is facing.

Divorce & Family

At the forefront of Divorce & Family Law, the Law Offices of Mark & Graber PLLC bring the same unwavering commitment to safeguarding your rights. With a keen focus on both the present and the future, our dedicated team maintains open and constant communication with you, ensuring you are well-informed about the latest developments in your case. Your questions and concerns are our top priority, and we are readily available to address them.

Contact Mark & Graber PLLC today for counsel in the following areas:

> Adoptions
> Child Custody
> Child Support
> Divorce
> Guardianships
> Separation
> Other Family Law Matters

Personal Injury

For Personal Injury cases, rely on the Law Offices of Mark & Graber PLLC. We’re dedicated to protecting your rights, keeping you informed, and addressing your concerns. We empathize with your challenges and are committed to securing the compensation you deserve. Our expertise ensures a strong defense, evaluating evidence, and applying effective strategies for your case. We’re your unwavering legal ally on the path to justice.

Contact Mark & Graber PLLC today for counsel in the following areas:

> Automobile Injury
> Dog Bite Negligence
> Slip and Fall
> Other types of Negligence

Real Estate

The Law Offices of Mark & Graber PLLC represents clients on a broad spectrum of real estate issues, including residential and commercial purchases and sales, residential and commercial developments, and residential and commercial leasing. In addition, the firm advises our clients with regard to entity formation, tax issues, homeowners’ associations, contracts for the sale, acquisition, development and/or conversion of properties, financing, evictions, foreclosures, and landlord-tenant disputes.

Are you purchasing or selling a property, or do you have another question regarding a real estate or financing matter? Contact us today for more information.

Wills, Trusts & Estates

The Law Offices of Mark & Graber PLLC provides sensitive guidance to individuals and families in the planning and implementation of the terms of their estate. They assist clients in developing and implementing the estate and gift tax planning strategies which maximize the financial objectives of our clients and minimize their potential tax burdens. The firm drafts wills, durable powers of attorney, living wills, and assists in the establishment and management of trusts and charitable foundations.

Contact Mark & Graber PLLC today for counsel in the following areas:

> Estate Probate and Administration
> Estate Planning
> Drafting Wills and Trusts
> Elder Law
> Medicaid Planning